With the warm sun shining, your pub’s outdoor seating becomes a prime spot for customers seeking to enjoy their meals and drinks in the fresh air. However, creating an inviting and efficient outdoor space involves more than just setting out some tables and chairs. It requires thoughtful planning and the right furniture to ensure your guests are comfortable, happy, and eager to return. Here, we explore essential tips to enhance your outdoor seating experience.

Tip 1: Selecting the Right Furniture

At the heart of a successful outdoor seating area lies the choice of furniture. Comfort, durability, and style are paramount. That’s why Ovation Outdoor is the go-to choice for pub owners. Their range of premium outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort. From stylish and sturdy tables to comfortable chairs that invite your guests to relax and stay longer, Ovation Outdoor ensures your outdoor space is not only beautiful but also maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on providing the best customer experience without the hassle of frequent furniture upkeep.


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Tip 2: Maintain Cleanliness

Outdoor furniture is inherently exposed to the elements, making it susceptible to accumulating dust, leaves, and various forms of debris more quickly than its indoor counterparts. This accumulation not only detracts from the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor seating area but can also lead to discomfort for your guests. Regular cleaning of these furniture pieces is essential to preserve the welcoming atmosphere of your establishment. By implementing a consistent cleaning schedule, your team can ensure that chairs, tables, and other outdoor furnishings remain inviting and comfortable for every guest, every time.

Tip 3: Weather-Proofing Your Space

Being prepared for any weather condition is crucial for maximising the comfort and enjoyment of your outdoor seating area. Integrating versatile weather-proofing solutions such as umbrellas, heaters, and particularly fire pits can significantly enhance your guests’ experience, ensuring they remain cozy and content regardless of the climate. The Aura Firepit, with its elegant design and superior functionality, stands out as an exemplary addition. This fire pit not only provides warmth, making it perfect for cooler evenings, but also adds a captivating ambiance that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space. Its robust construction ensures durability against the elements, while its low maintenance requirements make it a practical choice for busy establishments.

Image: The Aura Firepit. Enquire today.

Tip 4: Provide Suitable Lighting

Adequate lighting is a fundamental element in creating a welcoming and safe outdoor seating environment. It’s essential to ensure that all areas, particularly pathways leading to and from dining areas, are well-lit. This not only minimises the risk of accidents and ensures the safety of your guests as they navigate through your outdoor space, but it also significantly enhances the ambiance, transforming your establishment into an inviting retreat after sunset. Strategically placed lighting fixtures can illuminate dining tables and seating areas, creating a cozy and intimate setting that encourages guests to relax and enjoy their meals. Furthermore, the right lighting setup can highlight architectural features and landscaping, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. By carefully considering the placement and intensity of lighting, you can create a harmonious balance that ensures both safety and a pleasant dining experience, making your outdoor seating area a coveted spot for evenings out.

Tip 5: Spacing is Key

Optimal spacing between tables in your outdoor area is a critical aspect of designing a comfortable and welcoming environment for your guests. Overcrowding tables not only detracts from the overall dining experience but also impedes guests’ ability to move freely and comfortably. It’s important to strike the right balance between maximizing seating capacity and maintaining enough space to ensure privacy and ease of movement. Adequate spacing allows for better flow of service, enabling staff to navigate the area efficiently while attending to guests. Furthermore, it accommodates guests’ personal belongings, such as bags or coats, and ensures that everyone has enough room to enjoy their meal without feeling encroached upon by neighbouring diners.

Image: Spaced out Ovation Furniture in an outdoor seating area.

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